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For almost 25 years, THIOT INGENIERIE has been working in the field of gunnery, and more precisely in the field of gun barrel autofrettage. Our company has become and still is the world leader in autofrettage machines for weapon barrels.

years of experience
in high-pressure
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of gun barrels produced in the world processed with our machines
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Our story actually started in the late 80s, when the control of high fluid pressures (directly applicable to barrel autofrettage) was the core business of our fledg­ling company. At that time, Patrick THIOT, CEO of the company, started thinking about an innovative autofrettage machine, with a distinguishing technology, reliable, without daily maintenance and a user-friendly process operation.

All conditions were met in 2000, the year of the launch of THIOT INGENIERIE’s own autofrettage technology, which quickly found its place on a highly limited market.


Only ten years later did THIOT INGENIERIE become interested in the swaging technology (mechanical autofrettage). Numerous investigations were then essential to understand the technology in its smallest details.

Thanks to this experience, THIOT INGENIERIE can today be a force of proposal and assist artillery barrel designers in the choice of the most suitable steels and technologies to enable them to reach their objectives. Today, our company offers a complete range of service and equipment offer in hydraulic and mechanical autofrettage.